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Libya: NOC confirms illegal closure of Sharara crude oil pipelines and El-Feel field

Statement Issued by NOC Chairman:




Libya: Libyan Ports Company refuses to go to Benghazi

The Misrata-based Libyan Ports Company has refused to relocate its headquarters from Misrata to Benghazi after being ordered to do so by the Beida-based government of Abdullah Al-Thinni.

The company, previously known as the Socialist Ports Company, said the order infringed Law No. 21 which established company in 1985 and which stated that the headquarters were in Misrata.

Last month, following lobbying from the company officials based in Benghazi, the Beida government ordered the Misrata management to transfer the company to Libya’s second city. The order said that this was to be a temporary measure.

As a result of it and its rejection by the board in Misrata, there are now two parallel port companies. The Benghazi one, recognised by the interim government as well as the Libyan National Army and the House of Representatives, is headed by Captain Tarek Al-Thabet.

Source: LH

Libya: Tobruk call for Tunisian boycott after Tunis customs seize containers

A top Tobruk businessman is demanding a boycott of Tunisian goods after describing Tunisian customs as pirates for seizing containers from two Libya-bound vessels.

Ibrahim Al-Jarari chairman of the Tobruk Chamber of Commerce and Industry last month called for a ban on Tunisian ships entering Libya ports.  Now he is extending his demand to include Tunisian goods.

The problem appears to have begun when this February customs officers at the port of Sfax found some 25 million packets of cigarettes in 15 containers aboard the Panamanian-flagged Med Prodigy. Tunisia’s customs chief Adel bin Hassan was reported by local radio station Saraha FM to have hailed the customs’ seizure as the largest ever and said the cigarettes were worth $17 million.

The Med Prodigy’s captain is alleged to have told customs officials the cigarettes came from Turkey and had been ordered by a Libyan businessman for delivery to Misrata.  The vessel had sailed to Sfax from Valencia. According to MarineTraffic.com, it is still in the port nine weeks later. Tunisian customs hasnot explained if the shipping manifest for the containers was incorrect.

However, Jarari insisted to Alwasat that the goods were not being smuggled, that the documents were not falsified and that the shipment was legal.

Less clear is a second incident this March. This time Tunisian sources claim customs men intercepted another Libya-bound container ship at sea and escorted it to Tunis’ Rades port. There they allegedly found five containers full of Chinese-made sneakers. It is not thought that this vessel, which has not been named, was detained after the containers had been offloaded. Nor has it been explained how a shipment of sneakers could be so illegal that a container ship would need to be intercepted on the high seas by a customs cutter

LH 16.04.2017


NOC Libya: Full Statement issued by NOC’s Chairman on Fuel smuggling

Eng. / Mustafa Sanalla, NOC Chairman of the Board of Directors, said: “I was deeply hurt by the story I heard yesterday of a Libyan family who suffocated to death as a result of using charcoal for heating due to the power cuts. This family is one example of thousands of tragic cases that the ordinary desperate Libyan citizen suffers from because of the criminal practices by the gangs who smuggle the subsidized fuel across the borders and because of everyone who closes a field or hinders the operations of a productive public facility. The millions that the country loses because of these gangs’ crimes could have been used in improving the power networks and the maintenance of the power plants in order to solve the rotational load shedding problem”

“I shouldn’t forget to pay tribute to the souls of those patriotic martyrs of fuel smuggling combating soldiers who were assassinated by the smugglers’ treacherous bullets”

“There is no justification other than the ridiculous attempt to defend the fuel smuggling bandits, trying to justify their crimes and disguise clear facts by telling lies and fraud. This is shame on every traitor and unperceptive individual who shouts with falsehood by defending and ingratiating those killing criminals.”  

“The responsibility of the occurrence of any security breaches of any kind, size or motive at Zawia Refinery will be assumed by the gangs of fuel smuggling. We will consider such breaches as terrorist acts and the doer of such acts, whoever are, will be considered supported by those gangs and will be charged of terrorism. Unprecedented local and international procedures will be taken against whoever tries to abuse the wealth of the Libya people. We will never be tolerant with this issue in any way.” 

“I urge again the inhabitants of the western region, in general, and people of Zawai city and Zwara city in particular. I call upon their conscience and patriotism to stand together against the criminal bandits and to pull out these poisonous weeds from their land, because they are the first to be affected by those gangs due to the shortage of fuel in petrol stations or its unavailability at the official price, in addition to the interruptions of the desalination station in Zwara  resulted from the fuel smuggling gangs’ stealing of the fuel’s allocations despite Brega Oil Marketing Company’s providing the distribution companies with the required quantities.”

Mr. Sanalla also explained that “Economy Controllers affiliated with Ministry of Economy in different regions are the entities which give permission to the four distribution companies (namely, Sharara Dahabia, Rahela, Libya Oil and Turek Sari’a) to issue licenses for the petrol station after  separating of distribution activity and transfer of oil products under the Resolution of the General People’s Committee (previously) of the year 2007 No. 289 and 293 and under the current political division which led to dividing the distribution companies departments, which has to be stopped sooner and not later.”

“These gangs are part of international criminal organizations that are involved in smuggling fuels, humans, and drugs across the borders. Their presence is a threat for both the Libyan national security and the International security in the Mediterranean region. Everyone must be awakened from the hangover of their narrow-minded material interests that they are chasing, because the threat that Libya is facing is a very huge one.”  

NOC Tripoli – 6 January 2017 


Libya: NOC’s Statement to Soon Lift ‘Force Majeure’ Following Opening of Oil Ports in East Libya

Libya’s National Oil Corporation today said it would begin work immediately to restart exports from Oil Crescent ports.

“We welcome statements from the Libyan National Army allied with House of Representatives and the president of the HoR, Aguila Saleh, that the ports should be placed under NOC’s control,” said NOC chairman Mustafa Sanalla. “ our technical teams already started assessing what needs to be done to lift force majeure and restart exports as soon as possible.”

“As Libyans we have a common interest in keeping our oil flowing. By raising oil production and exports we can reduce our budget deficit and pay for vital services.” 

“We can raise production to 600,000 b/d within four weeks and to 950,000 b/d by the end of the year from around 290,000 b/d at present. However, this is dependent on receiving essential funds from the budget and on the Oil Crescent ports and the closed pipelines in the southwest being opened and kept open.”

“I hope this marks the beginning of a new phase of cooperation and coexistence between Libya’s factions, as well as an end to the use of the blockade as a political tactic.”

Under a unity agreement signed in July, ‎NOC recognizes the Presidency Council as the highest executive authority and the House of Representatives as the highest legislative authority. A central aim of the agreement is to ensure that Libya’s oil wealth is used for the benefit of all Libyans.

all exports from Libya must be according to UN Security Council resolution 2259.

Tripoli 13/09/2016