Libya – Initial draft constitution 2014 (English)

This is the preliminary draft of the new Libyan constitution, as prepared by the Constitution Drafting Assembly. The Assembly, which was elected in February 2014, commenced its work later on in 2014. The Assembly established eight substantive committees, each of which is responsible for a specific subject matter area.

This preliminary draft should not be considered a first draft for a number of reasons: (i) the draft does not include any provisions on a number of key areas, including but not limited to the security services; (ii) some of the draft chapters include a number of options that are still being considered by the drafters, and have been included here in this preliminary draft for Libyans to review and consider as well; (iii) the draft chapters are the product of the individual substantive committees and have not been consolidated into a single document.  The Assembly has been working under very challenging circumstances, including a deteriorating security and political environment, and an uncertain legal context. It is uncertain when the Assembly will produce a first consolidated draft and when it will be ready to submit its final draft for consideration by the Libyan people.

(The International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance)


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Libya: NOC starts seismic survey in Mediterranean Sea

Libya’s National Oil Corporation (NOC) has announced that GX Technology, a wholly-owned subsidiary of ION Geophysical Corporation, will start the first phase of seismic data acquisition on November 19, 2014 for the LibyaSPAN™ multi-client 2D regional survey in the Libyan territorial waters of the Mediterranean Sea.

The survey is being conducted as part of a joint agreement between National Oil Corporation (NOC), North Africa Geophysical Exploration Company (NAGECO, wholly-owned by NOC), and ION – GX Technology (ION-GXT). BGP has been selected as the seismic acquisition contractor and will be utilizing their R/V DFKT1 vessel.

The whole program covers 21,000 km of 2D regional survey onshore and offshore Libya and will be completed in 6 phases. According to the company, this first Phase of the project will encompass 7,718 kilometers of new high-end long-offset seismic data covering the entire Libyan offshore region. The NOC says that LibyaSPAN is being developed in anticipation of future license rounds in Libya to help oil and gas companies evaluate large regions and focus on areas with the highest chance of success.

Bashir Garea, NOC Exploration Manager, commented: “We’re pleased that this valuable program is moving forward. LibyaSPAN will provide a comprehensive picture of the Libyan geology, tying all of the major basins and providing the deep imaging essential to understanding new exploration plays. It will provide good data for future license rounds and successful exploration activities.”

The company said that final delivery of the fully-imaged dataset and regional interpretation is scheduled for late 2015.

Off-Shore Energy 18.11.2014