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Libya: NOC confirms illegal closure of Sharara crude oil pipelines and El-Feel field

Statement Issued by NOC Chairman:




Libya: NOC warns Beyda against using GCC-Qatar crisis as a pretext for illegal oil exports

Statement by NOC:

NOC Chairman Mustafa Sanalla said he had warned the head of the interim government in Beyda, Abdalla Thinni, not to use GCC-Qatar crisis as a pretext for illegal oil exports.

Sanalla said, “UN Security Council Resolutions and a slew of statements by the international community recognize NOC as the legitimate seller of oil on international markets.

As I think is obvious by now, we do not take sides in the Libyan political conflict. Our job is to protect and make the best possible use of Libya’s oil wealth, maximizing Libyan oil production and oil sales revenues for the benefit of all Libyans.” “NOC has never awarded contracts to benefit anybody but Libya,” he said. “We act in the Libyan national interest, not in the interests of foreign entities.” Sanalla said contracts signed by Nagi el-Moghrabi, appointed acting chairman of a parallel institution by Thinni, were with companies NOC would not accept as counterparties, and could cost Libya billions of dollars in lost revenue if they were ever implemented.

Sanalla warned Thinni against attempting further “irresponsible” port blockades, saying, “this will only bring further suffering to the Libyan people. It will reduce our national revenues and our ability to pay for vital commodities – fuel, food, power, medicines. It will devalue the dinar even further.

Sanalla concluded his letter by saying “We respect the Libyan National Army General Command for its responsible opposition to port blockades. It is clear they oppose Jadhran and Nagi tactics. They understand they are the path to Libya’s collapse. I hope you will take notice of their wise position on this matter.

Tripoli  June13, 2017