Libya: NOC welcomes UN Security Council Resolution 2278 regarding illicit oil shipments

The National Oil Corporation of Libya welcomed the decision yesterday of the United Nations Security Council to extend its ban on exports of oil from Libya by the NOC .

Resolution 2278, passed by the council on March 31, “condemns attempts to illicitly export crude oil from Libya, including by parallel institutions which are not acting in reality.
It also expresses concern that “the illicit export of crude oil from Libya undermines the Government of National Accord and poses a threat to the peace, security and stability of Libya.”

“We have been working with Prime Minister Serraj and the Presidency Council to put this period of divisions and rivalry behind us,” said NOC chairman Mustafa Sanalla. “We have been looking to the future, and now we have a clear international legal framework in place.”

“Combined with the recent announcement by the Petroleum Facilities Guard that it intends to reopen export ports it has been blockading, I hope NOC and the country’s oil resources can provide a solid platform on which the country’s recovery can be built for the benefit of all Libyans,” said Mr Sanalla.

Finally The National Oil Corporation has continued to perform its duties and responsibilities across the entire Libyan territory in accordance with its mandate as an institution respecting all applicable laws. This would not have been possible without those employed by NOC and its companies’, as well as a special mention of our gratitude to the international community and those countries whom we count on as being as Friends of Libya.

These countries have helped to protect Libya’s sovereignty by preventing division within one the country’s pillar institutions during a two-year period of political conflict. Libya’s NOC must also pay tribute to its international partners as well as IOCs, including the major oil companies, and NOCs who have supported and respected the independence of this institution, allowing it to maintain a neutral position while operating during this challenging period.

As we look ahead, the NOC reminds its partners subsidiaries and affiliates to remain committed to their professional duties, responsibilities, and values. This commitment serves as a precedent to all Libyans that the NOC will ensure that we will spare no effort in preserving the capabilities of the country’s oil sector.

NOC Chairman: Mustafa Sanalla

Tripoli 02.04.016



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