Libya: GNMTC Press release on incident of mt “Anwaar Afriqya” in port of Sirte

MT. Anwaar Afriqya Incident Report 2015-05-25

The General National Maritime Transport Co (GNMTC) is announcing that one of their owned product tanker named MT. Anwaar Afriqya (IMO No: 9275268) was attacked on 24.05.2015 at about 12:00 hrs. local time by several missiles, shortly after berthing on the SBM of Sirte Power Station at the Gulf of Sider to discharge 29,973 MT of diesel oil, which was loaded from Agioi Theodoroi Port – Greece on 19.05.2015 and sailed directly to her above named destination without any deviations.
One of the missiles hit the pilot cabin behind the bridge, penetrating to the bridge and passing through to the master’s cabin at the deck below causing severe instant fires in the bridge and the master deck (Deck C). Both decks were almost totally destroyed by the fire including the navigational and communication facilities, while the lowers decks sustained various degrees of damages. Her engine room, the machinery spaces and the cargo tanks were intact.
Two crew ratings in addition to one person from the shore side have sustained minor injuries and received the necessary medical treatment ashore. No cargo leakage or any other sort of leakages were reported by any party as a result of the attack.
The ship’s crew courageously fought the fire for more than 11 hrs. before they brought it under control. Assisting tugs from Misurata Port then arrived and participated directly in keeping the fire under thorough control. The vessel is presently in safe and afloat upright condition.
The harbor masters of Sirte and Misurata Ports and their personnel have provided all substantial logistic assistance.
The company’s superintendents will attend on board today to evaluate the vessel’s conditions and the extents of the sustained damages in order to conclude the necessary measures and actions.

GNMTC – Contingency Team (25.05.2015)



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